Haiti – Part Deux

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Haiti – Part Deux Last July, Darrell and his youngest daughter, Lindsay, were within 15 minutes of boarding a flight from Miami to Cap Haitian, Haiti, before the trip had to postponed due to civil unrest (we would encourage you to go on-line to learn about the economic challenges that people in Haiti continue to face due to rapidly rising fuel and food costs). Miraculously, the team was able to recoup almost all the trip costs and was able to reschedule for this July, with most of the team being able to make the trip again. As before, they plan to visit the different Haitian Christian Ministries church campuses where they will hold Vacation Bible Schools, provide resources to the children and encourage the teachers and parents. As a bonus, the team will staying in the newly constructed dormitory that has been built on the Welcome Home Haiti property to house the various mission teams that continue to go to serve the people of northern Haiti. One of DFS’s clients had a role in resourcing this project, so it will be such a blessing to see the impact of that commitment. Please keep Darrell and Lindsay and the entire team in your thoughts and prayers as they make this journey, and go to https://hcmin.org/or https://welcomehomehaiti.com/ to find out more about the work that is being done in northern...

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Healthcare Insurance – Hot Topic

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Healthcare Insurance Hot Topic In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare insurance, we noticed a question that has come up for a couple of our clients that we thought might pertain to some of you as well. What are my Medicare options even if I am still working after age 65 and have coverage through my work? Do I Need to Enroll in Medicare If I’m Still Working? By Maurie Backman –   https://www.fool.com/retirement/2017/05/25/do-i-need-to-enroll-in-medicare-if-im-   still-workin.aspx\ “Medicare When Working Beyond 65” by Patricia Barry –https://www.aarp.org/health/medicare-insurance/info-03-2011/ask-ms-medicare- question-94.html In addition to reading these articles, we highly suggest that you discuss your situation with your own personal healthcare insurance agent or if you do not have one then call our own in-house health insurance expert, Mark Post, who we know would be happy to...

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Manager Commentary – Q1 2019

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A summary of our market outlook and current portfolio positioning. Please see the following PDF: Litman Gregory Commentary_Client Version_Q12019

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South American Mission Trip

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This past summer, I along with my oldest son, Max, and my parents, Sam and Jeanette, had the wonderful opportunity to travel to South America. The primary purpose of our trip was to visit our dear missionary friends, Dr. Manuel and Nellie Avila, in Cuenca, Ecuador. Our family has supported Dr. Manuel and his medical ministry for several years now and this was an opportunity for the four of us to show our support to Dr. Manuel and his family and their ministry, as well as see first-hand the marvelous hopes and dreams the Avila family has for the Ecuadorian people. While there, we are also able to see and assist a bit with the construction of Manuel and Nellie’s new home. Their hope is that this new physical dwelling will not only be a place of rest for their family, but also a place where they can host many of the countless missionary partners from Canada and the U.S. that travel to Ecuador regularly to assist them in their ministry. We were also able to visit some of the places and people in Cuenca who were an important part of my family’s six years of ministry there. Each time I have had the opportunity to return to the country of my birth I am blessed and enriched by the experience and I am sure that my traveling companions would say same. We are all grateful that we have been given the time, resources and freedom to keep our connection to Ecuador and our friends there alive....

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Pi Day in Pontiac – 3.14.19

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We hope you can join us for Pi Day in Pontiac on Thursday, March 14th from 10:00am-2:00pm.  We’ll be serving amazing pies from Edinger’s Filling...

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Manager Commentary – Q4

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A summary of our market outlook and current portfolio positioning. Please see the following PDFs: Symmetry – Q4 2018 Russell Investments – Q4 2018 Morningstar – Q1...

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Manager Commentary – Q3 2018

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Outlook and Perspective – a summary of our market outlook and current portfolio positioning. Please see the following PDF: Mgr Commentary Q32018

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

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With the recent passage last year of the new federal tax law (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017) we thought it would be useful to provide you with a couple links to articles and websites that we feel do a good job of summarizing some of the key components of the new law.   https://waysandmeans.house.gov/taxreform   2017 Tax Reform A review and analysis of key highlights from the Advanced Consulting Group of Nationwide®   http://www.thepresleygroup.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/2017-Tax-Reform.pdf   6 things investors need to know about the new tax plan  ...

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Risk…When Is Zero Not Really Zero?

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A few years ago, on the heels of the financial crisis of 2008-2009, I had the pleasure of attending a conference where renowned financial author, Nick Murray, was speaking.  I still remember the core of his message:  he was concerned that, due to the scars of the huge stock market meltdown, many investors were going to become solely focused on safety of principal and, in doing so, completely and regrettably forget about the risk of inflation.  In short, he was witnessing people, in the interest of feeling better temporarily, moving all of their money into 1, 2 or 3% CDs (or even burying it in the backyard) and vowing never to go back into the markets again—all the while forgetting that if inflation went back up to 3-4% (as we know it historically often does), their real return would then become negative. So, while we have been in an unprecedented period of very tame inflation, we always want to make sure that our clients understand the risk that comes with over-allocating to so-called “no risk” assets.  Of course, there is no substitute for secured deposits for funds that are going to be needed for near-term and sometimes even mid-term expenses.  But for longer-term funds, a well-designed investment portfolio will go a long way to offset the erosion of purchasing power that inflation can cause.  And with life expectancies on the rise, the need to at least keep up with inflation becomes an even more important factor to consider as we do our planning. Up next:  Timing...

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Electronic Investment Statements and E-Newsletter

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As the amount of information that we receive continues to increase instead of decrease, we wanted to remind you that your investment information is available electronically. CIRstatments.com is the place where you can view most of your accounts that are either held or serviced by our firm—in one place. We believe this is another way to simplify your financial planning and reduce paper clutter. We also offer an electronic version of this quarterly newsletter. If you would like to skip the paper copy of the newsletter or get signed up for online investment account information, a phone call to our office is all it takes. Call Susan at (815)...

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