Our clients are on the move!

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Over the past year, we have been thrilled to have many clients make transitions to new homes across the country. While moving sometimes takes clients farther away from us, we are excited for them to start this new phase of their lives. We have every confidence that we will find ways to continue to work effectively together. That is what we are here for—to help you walk through big decisions. We are always only a phone call away. And for those of you that are staying put, just another reminder that now is the ideal time to think about refinancing your mortgage if you haven’t already done so in the past few years. Take advantage of this historic opportunity to lock in low long-term rates.  Call us at (815) 842-4393 if you want to...

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5 Retirement Tips to Trust

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Wait for Social Security. If you can afford to, wait until you’re 70.  For every year you wait after age 62, your benefits increase by about 8%. Do a budget, hire a financial planner, get a retirement plan. Once you have found an advisor you trust, they will have you do a budget, and get you and your spouse to sit and discuss your shared vision for retirement. Do not retire without a plan. Don’t retire without knowing what you will be doing for the rest of your life. Even those who thought they would love to play golf every day often get bored within six months. It’s never too late to start saving. Most of us have not saved enough and must adjust our way of thinking about retirement. The longer you work, this helps you build savings and keeps you from drawing down the savings you do have. Don’t be afraid of the stock market. Besides people not saving for retirement, one of the biggest mistakes clients make could be being too conservative with their investments. The impact can be huge over a lifetime of saving. Read more at: http://usat.ly/1LZLeiR (Source...

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Introducing Susan Strubhar

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You may have noticed a new voice answering the phone. We would like to introduce the newest addition to our team: Susan Strubhar, our Client Services Manager. We have asked Susan to make sure that everything we do is focused on meeting our clients’ expectations and building strong relationships. As part of that, we want communicate with you in the most effective way possible. If you would like us to have your email or cell phone on file and use that as your preferred contact method, let us know. In addition, if you have any change to your information, Susan can help you get everything updated with the different investment/product companies. Call Susan at (815)...

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Douglass Financial Services to Celebrate Opening of Bloomington Office Saturday

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NEWS RELEASE April 23, 2015 CONTACT Jessica Henrichs jessica.poppe.henrichs@gmail.com (309) 310-2070 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BLOOMINGTON, IL — Douglass Financial Services, a longtime financial consulting firm based out of Pontiac, IL, is celebrating the opening of their Bloomington location with an open house on Saturday, April 25 from 8:00a.m.–10:00a.m. at 3807 GE Road, Suite #2, Bloomington. Sam Douglass, formerly of Forrest, Illinois, founded Douglass Financial Services in 1973. Today, Darrell Douglass and David Douglass, both of Bloomington, continue their father’s dedication to providing unbiased advice and diversified financial resources to individuals, families, retirees, farmers and small-business owners. “We believe we have been called to help people experience freedom in their financial lives,” said Darrell Douglass, senior partner of Douglass Financial Services. “As clients’ situations become more complex, we strive to bring together the tools and professionals who can best make a difference in the lives of our clients.” The new office will allow Douglass Financial Services to better serve their Bloomington-Normal clients and accommodate continued growth in the area. About Douglass Financial Services Douglass Financial Services is an independently owned financial consulting firm offering over 30 years of client service. We are dedicated to providing unbiased advice, impeccable service, and diversified financial resources to individuals, families, retirees, farmers, and small-business owners. We have aligned with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., one of the most respected independent broker-dealers in the industry. Our affiliation with Cambridge enables DFS to provide objective advice, customized services, superior technology, and an open architecture platform. Together, we offer the objectivity of working with an independent financial firm with the ability to access the world’s financial markets and a wealth of investment resources. For more information, visit www.douglassfinancial.com. # #...

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5 Things Stopping You From Saving Money

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Not keeping track. Increase your savings by creating a monthly budget so that you can see where your money is going and set attainable goals. Refusing to cut back. Some ways to break splurging habits are to unsubscribe from retail emails, eat out less and switch to generic products. Not being prepared. Having an emergency fund separate from your savings will help insulate your financial goals from whatever might come. Holding too much debt. As soon as you secure an emergency fund, tackle your debt. Freedom from debt, will free up money for your savings goals. Making excuses. Your attitude may be holding you back. Try to change how you view your fiscal priorities so you can focus on what gets you to your goals. Read more at:...

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3 Tips for Reducing Paper Clutter

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Discard old newspapers daily. By the time you get around to reading day-old news, you will have heard most of it through TV, radio or social media. Share your magazine subscriptions. Take a magazine with you to every appointment—doctor’s office, car service center, salon—but once you’re called back for your appointment, leave the magazine in the waiting room. Don’t bring junk mail in the house. Keep a recycle bin in your garage and toss away junk mail before you walk in the door. Be sure to shred any credit card offers or pieces of mail with sensitive information. (Source:...

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Social Security Fun Facts

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“In 2010, 75% of the 34.5 million retired workers elected to receive a reduced benefit prior to their full retirement age (FRA). Relatively more women (76.4%) than men (71.4%) received a reduced benefit.”(Source: SSA Annual Supplemental) A person receives 75% of their Full Retirement Age (FRA) benefit if they begin benefits early at age 62. If they delay benefits to age 70, they then receive 132% of their FRA benefit. Married couples have a couple of claiming options that you might not have known about including File and Suspend, Claim Now, Claim More Later and Two High Earners...

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Client’s Mission Trip to Ghana

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One of Darrell’s clients, Lynn Schertz, participated with his church on a mission trip to Ghana earlier this year. Here is a small excerpt from Lynn’s mission report: “Myself, our senior pastor and children’s pastor hosted a Christian worker’s conference attended by about 100 people.  We distributed 30 study Bibles as well as other Bibles and literature, gave seminars, and our pastor led 2 revival services attended by over 200 people each night from the small village where the conference was held.  We also took 250 pairs of reading glasses with us as many of the people have poor vision due to poor nutrition. We made many new friends and hope to continue our relationship with these people in Ghana.”  If you are on Facebook, you can go to www.facebook.com/twopenniesministry to see the latest video of the latest trip, journey five or more information can be found at...

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7 Minute Workout

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If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get some good exercise once a day, then we would recommend trying this free computer application download. Based on ‘The Scientific 7-Minute Workout’ routine posted in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal and highlighted by The New York Times it features 12 exercises deploying only body weight, a wall and a chair. It especially makes sense for you if you have a smart phone as you can download the application on to your phone and use it almost anywhere you are with your...

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Goom Bars

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Here is one of Dave’s favorite recipes for Goom Bars that are sure to be a hit at any party are super simple to make. Goom Bars Ingredients: 1 box of German Chocolate Cake mix 1 egg 1 cup of butter or margarine 14 oz bag of caramel ½ cup evaporated milk chocolate chips nuts (optional)  Preparation: Mix cake mix, egg, and ½ cup of melted butter together in bowl. Press all but 1 ½ c. of mix into bottom of a greased 9 x 12 pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes or browned. Cool. Melt over stove top caramels, ½ cup butter, and evaporated milk. Pour caramel mixture over top of browned bottom layer of cake mix. Drop remaining cake mix (1 ½ cups) over caramel layer and bake for additional 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees. Optional: Chocolate chips or nuts can be added into caramel layer or on...

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